What are University Data Challenges
Huawei University data challenges are a great way to collaboratively prototype and benchmark machine learning and algorithmic workflows. Participants submit their predictive solution (code), competing for the best score, and provide organisers with fully-functioning prototypes.
Participate in Data Challenges to
Compete with fellow participants in the competitive phase for money prizes in an exciting data challenge format
Exchange your solutions with your fellow participants in the open phase and watch how the blended score of the community improves
Learn data science from each other, especially during the open phase
Get hired
Make yourself visible and demonstrate your data science proсess to companies who are looking for fresh talents
Next Data Challenge
Challenge topic: Optical Network Expansion by Adding Fibers

Meet you on September 20, 2023 at 6PM (CET)
Data Challenge Overview
About RAMP
RAMP was originally developed as a tool for data scientists to efficiently and collaboratively solve the data analytics aspect of high-impact domain science problems. Since then, RAMP has undergone many iterations and has been used in teaching and benchmarking machine learning algorithms as well.
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