European University Challenge 2022

September 20 — October 20, 2022

the Challenge

Huawei European University Challenge is an annual competition across Europe.

As an industry leader in the information and communications technology infrastructure and smart devices industry, Huawei is eager to work with the next generation of innovative thinkers.


Layout of Smart Factory Instruments

Based on the actual chip design scenario to reduce chip area and improve computing speed, this challenge is abstracted as the layout problem of smart factory instruments. We look forward to your wonderful solution.

You have been sent in a time machine to the year 2050. Mr. Davis has decided to open a smart factory that will have thousands of production lines. The warehouse and manufacturing equipment are ready, but Mr. Davis needs your help designing an equipment layout that will optimize both installation cost and delivery speed.

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Who is invited
to participate

You are an undergraduate, Master's or PhD student. Students who graduated up to 2 years ago are also eligible

You are registered at a higher education institution in European Union, United Kingdom or Switzerland

You are studying engineering, mathematics, computing science or other related fields



Compete with fellow participants in the competitive phase for money prizes in an exciting data challenge format


Exchange your solutions with your fellow participants in the open phase and watch how the blended score of the community improves


Learn data science from each other, especially during the open phase

Get hired

Make yourself visible and demonstrate your data science prowess to companies who are looking for fresh talents

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Prize Pool

Monetary prizes (1st, 2nd, 3rd places) are given per team, while product prizes (4th, 5th, 6th places) are given per each member of a team.

In addition to individual prizes, all winners will get the chance to meet face to face with leading experts from the industry!

€ 7 000

1st place

€ 4 000

2nd place

€ 2 000

3rd place

HUAWEI MatePad 11

4th place


5th place

HUAWEI FreeBuds 4

6th place


June 16

Registration opens

Sept. 20

Opening Ceremony.
Start of Round 1 (online)

October 4

Submission deadline for Round I (online)

October 20

Round II (online)
19:00-22:00 CEST

November 18

Award Ceremony (in Paris)
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Opening workshop

rules summary

Participants are eligible for the competition if they are currently registered or graduated after 2020 from a higher education institute in European Union, United Kingdom or Switzerland

Participate as a team (up to 3 people).

The Challenge is composed of two rounds. Top 10 ranked teams from the 1st round will be allowed to participate in the 2nd round of the Challenge.

The duration of the 2nd round is 3 hours, from 19:00 to 22:00 (CEST), on October 20.

The final winners will be decided by a team of expert judges.

Maximum 30 submissions per day accepted for Round I. 

Participants retain copyright on their submitted code and grant reuse under BSD 3-Clause License.

Participants accept these rules automatically when signing up to the "Layout of Smart Factory Instruments" Challenge. Participation in the Challenge implies full acceptance without reservation of the present terms, the Challenge Rules, and the Platform Terms and Conditions. Personal data are subject to the Privacy Policy.

Judging criteria

No points will be given if:

1) No points will be awarded if no solution is executed.
2) Any executed cases return an abnormal runtime.
3) Any files other than the submitted content are read/written/executed at runtime.
4) Any executed cases have a runtime exceeding 15s.
5) The run memory exceeds 512 MB.
6) The output result does not meet the requirements of the topic.

If all test cases are executed successfully:

1) Your final score will equal your total weighted test case score 
2) If two teams receive the same score, they will be ranked by how quickly they submitted their results.
3) If one team submits multiple results, they will be ranked according to their highest score.

During the challenge, the judges will review all participants' work.

If there is any code implementation that affects the fairness of the challenge, the team's results will be cancelled.


What is the sign-up process?

First, you need to sign up. Your sign-up request will be approved after you send your proof of student status and expected date of graduation to ( with the subject line "Huawei EUC sign-up"). Then, shortly before the start of the data challenge, you will receive an email to join the competition.

How can I participate with a team?

All team members need to sign up and join the corresponding event. Then you can create a team via the corresponding interface. Note that you can only make submissions as a team.

Something is not working on the competition platform.

Please send an email to