Terms and conditions of access and use (TOU)

Huawei European University Challenge Website and related services

This Huawei European University Challenge Website (hereinafter Platform) is managed by Sүmеrіо, with registered office at 78 rue d'Alesia, 75014 Paris, France, RCS Paris 827871492

The present Terms of Use (hereinafter TOU) governs the relationship between You, the person accessing the Huawei European University Challenge Website, subscribed Services and Contents, applicable during Your use of the Platform and, where applicable until You de-register from the Newsletter, and, if You are a Member, until Your account is deactivated. If You do not agree with the terms of the TOU, You are strongly recommended not to access nor use our Platform and any of its Services.

We encourage You to review the "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy" before You use the Platform and its Services, and regularly when they are updated according to Article 13.

By browsing the Platform, if You are a Visitor, You acknowledge that You have read and accepted the Contract before further access and use.

By clicking on the button to subscribe to the Newsletter, or proceeding with registration as Member, You are invited to read and accept these TOU and the Privacy Policy, by ticking the box provided for this purpose. A confirmation email will be sent to You. Please keep copy of such TOU for Your reference.


The Parties agree and accept that the following terms used with a capital letter, in the singular and/or plural, shall have, within the framework of these TOU the meaning defined below:

"Challenge Rules" means the specific terms and rules applicable to a specific Competition. For each Competition, a Member shall accept the applicable Challenge Rules to become a Participant.

"Content" means any content as image, video, articles, presentations, publications, software code (in both source and binary forms, sample code, APIs, SDKs, associated documentation) or other materials posted, and otherwise displayed or made available on or from this Platform or published by or for the Xianti - RAMP team on third party service provider platforms with respect to this Platform, its activities and/or the Challenges.

means the present General Terms of Use (TOU) and the Privacy Policy (including related to Cookies), as well as, for each Competition, the relevant Challenge Rules, and any other terms provided as part of access and use of the Platform, its Contents and Services.

"Contribution" means any Content submitted to a RAMP Data Challenge by Participant.

"Xianty - RAMP" means the team in charge of the Platform, and its activities.

" means the User who has an account on the Platform with access to the functionalities of the Member status and Services.

"Newsletter" means the newsletter edited and published by the Platform.

"Participant" means a Member who decides to participate in a RAMP Data Challenge by registering for such specific event and accepting the Challenge Rules;

"Personal Center" means the profile account page of the Members on which the Member can set options.

"Platform" means this Huawei European University Challenge made available by Sүmеrіо, allowing access to and use of the Services and Contents;

"RAMP Data Challenge" or "Competition" means a contest organized and promoted by Sүmеrіо through this Platform and in which any eligible Member may participate. Several Competitions may be organized by Sүmеrіо. For each Competition, an eligible Member shall accept the applicable Challenge Rules to become a Participant.

"Services" means the different functionalities, services, and benefits made available to the Members as part of this Platform. Main Services are described in Article 3 hereto, including in particular access and participation to the Ramp Challenge events.

"Team" means a group of Members created to participate in a Ramp Challenge together in order to submit as a group for such event.

"User" means any person who accesses the Platform, whether as a Visitor or as a Member.

"Visitor" means any person (Internet user) browsing the Platform without registering or creating any associated account.

"You" refers to the User. "Your" will be construed accordingly.


This Platform, its Services, and its Contents are provided for the sole purpose of participating in RAMP Data Challenges (Competitions) organized by Sүmеrіо.


Access and use of the Platform and related features, Services, and Content are not designed for people aged under 16 years old.

Access to and use of the Platform and related features, Services, and Content imply the full and unreserved acceptance of these TOU. In case that the User of the Platform does not agree with any part of these TOU, the User must deregister from the Platform and make no further use of it or any part thereof, nor any of the information collected from the Platform.

Access to certain features, Services, and Content thereof requires setting up an account (register). Before being able to set up an account, You shall read and accept these TOU and the Privacy Policy and other terms of the Contract. To participate in a Competition, the member shall first accept the related Challenge Rules which will govern all activities under such Competition event.

By accepting such terms, You declare that You have the capacity to accept the present Contract, i.e., that You are over 16 years of age and that You are not subject to a legal protection measure for adults (legal safeguard, guardianship or trusteeship).

You shall use the Platform, the Services, and the Content under Your own responsibility and according to the TOU. The costs of connection and communication (Internet and mobile Internet) relating to the access to and use of the Platform are not paid or refunded by Sүmеrіо and remain exclusively Your responsibility and charges.

You shall not use this Platform, Services, and/or any of the Content for any other purpose, nor any purpose being illegal or forbidden by the TOU, in connection with any illegal purposes, or to solicit the performance of any illegal activity or activities that infringe on the rights of Sүmеrіо or any third party.

You shall not gain unauthorized access to any portion of this Platform, or to any of the Services or Content made available on or through the Platform or to any other systems or networks connected or linked to the Platform.

You shall not interfere with or attempt to interfere with the proper operation of this Platform, its sever and other person's use of this Platform by any means, including but not limited to using any device, software, or program.

You shall not take any action that will place an excessive or harmful load on this Platform, including but not limited to its infrastructure, systems, and networks.

You shall not test, by scanning or using other means, the vulnerability of this Platform and its Services, nor any networks connected to this Platform, nor breach the security or authentication measures of this Platform, the Services, and/or the Contents made available on or through this Platform. You shall not reverse lookup, trace, or attempt to trace any information of any other User of this Platform, or exploit or reveal any information or services offered on or through this Platform.

You shall not obtain, or attempt to obtain, any Content through any means not purposely available through this Platform or use any manual or automatic process, device, program, algorithm, or method to access, obtain, copy, or monitor any activities, functionalities, Services or Content of this Platform.

When accessing and using this Platform, its Services, and its Content, You agree to comply with applicable laws and ethics rules, including the Ethical Code of Conduct set out hereunder. You shall not use this Platform, its Service and benefits as well as its Content to produce, read, copy, or disseminate any information that is illegal, to infringe on any other person's rights, or to disturb the social order and undermine social stability. You shall not use this Platform and its Services and Content to engage in any activity that endangers cyber security and any computer system.


The present TOU govern the conditions of access and use of the Platform, the Services, and Contents. Xianti - RAMP reserves the right to refuse any registration if You are a minor without parental consent.

Access is made available on a free of charge basis.

Services and benefits allocation table:
Xianti - RAMP reserves the right to modify and expand the Services & benefits or some of their features at any time according to Section 12 "Modification".

3.1 Visitors & access to non-Member Content

By browsing the Platform, Users may access to certain information and Content. The present TOU governs the conditions of access and use of the Platform and its Content.

No registration is required. If You have not registered for the Newsletter, or created a Member account, You can still access the Platform and certain Content, but You will not be able to access and benefit from all the features, Content, and Services.

Nonetheless, as part of the access and browsing of the Platform, we may have to install certain Cookies, and propose to install some others for the purpose of ensuring user experiences in access and use of the Platform.

To access to the Newsletter and other Services and benefits, registration is required.

3.2 Newsletter

The aim of our Newsletter service is to keep our Members updated about news and events with respect to the Platform, Xianti - RAMP activities, and Services and available Content.

The subscription procedure consists of the simple registration of a valid e-mail address, which will become the reference address where the Newsletter will be sent to.

Validation of the subscription form implies full and complete acceptance by the User of these TOU including the terms on registration in Article 4 below.

Newsletters are sent automatically to Members using the referenced e-mail address provided by the Members at registration. The frequency of the issuance of the Xianti - RAMP Newsletter is random.

The content of the Newsletters is provided exclusively by the Platform communication team.

Newsletters are distributed for information purposes only and cannot be used for consulting or other commercial purposes

The subscription to the Newsletter service is not mandatory and free of charge.

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link at the end of the e-mail (click here to unsubscribe) of the Newsletter.

3.3 Other Member Services & benefits

3.3.1 Conditions of Access

The registration procedure consists of filling the Signup Form according to Article 4 below.

These TOU are binding on the Member who acknowledges them by ticking a box provided for this purpose, having read them and having accepted them before signing up.

You can terminate Your account and membership using Your Personal Center.

3.3.2 Members Services & Benefits

This includes receiving the Newsletter.

This also includes the Services & Benefits described in the Table and in particular receiving an invitation to a Competition. To participate in a Competition, the Member shall first accept the related Challenge Rules which will govern all activities under such Competition event.

3.4 Availability of Services

If the Platform or certain Services are updated for maintenance, emergency fix, or a technical evolution, the Platform and/or Services will be temporarily unavailable.

Certain options indicated on our Platform may not yet be available at registration while their implementation is estimated to occur later and such projected date may be indicated on our Platform. In the event of early opening or delay in opening a Service or new functionality or feature of existing Services, we will keep You informed on the Platform on the related pages.

If the Services You registered for are not available (e.g., access and participation in a Competition), please contact us to inform us about any problem relating to Your registration or account.

The Services are made available for free, Xianti - RAMP hereby disclaims, and any User agrees by using or registering with the Platform, that Xianti - RAMP maintains the Platform, and/or any of the Services or Content. The Xianti - RAMP team will provide information with reasonable advance notice of any substantial modification or discontinuation of any provided Services or of the Platform.

The interruption of the Services, whatever the cause, duration or frequency, will not engage the responsibility of Xianti - RAMP and will not entitle the User to any compensation.

The Services may be terminated by either the User or its legal representative, or Xianti - RAMP if, further to an event of force majeure, the User is prevented from using the Services, or Xianti - RAMP is prevented from making those Services and/or Content available.

Any services on third party service platforms are independent from Xianti - RAMP control and responsibility, and are subject to terms and conditions of such third party service providers.


In order to access to certain functionalities, Content, or Services through the Platform, You will be required to create an account, and set up a User profile.

Additional terms or requirements for certain functions, Contents, or Services, and in particular to register and participate in a Competition, may apply, as the case may be, and will have to be agreed when registering with such Membership, the Competition, or any other specific Services. In case of any conflict between such additional terms and the TOU, the additional terms shall prevail on the aforementioned terms for certain functionalities, Content, and/or Services.

To create an account as a Member, and then as a Participant, and the access to related Services, Content, and other related benefits and functionalities, You will have to fill in manually the registration form on our Platform and in particular, complete all the mandatory fields. Optional information will permit more optimized management of the Services and Content available under such status, but are not required for such registration. Certain information which is not required for a specific status may however be required if You wish to register under an upper membership status or some Competition. Only one account per User.

To register or create Your account, You must submit full and accurate information. This will include certain personal information such as Your Last and First Name(s) and email address and educational information. You will find a description of the processing of Your data in our Privacy Policy.

Once registered, You will receive a confirmation email with a link to click to confirm the email address and User intent to subscribe to register and/or create the Member and Participant account.

Where a password was created for registration, You will be provided with a temporary password that You must subsequently change on Your first connection to our Platform.

For any portion of the Platform which requires You to create an account or set up a user profile, the information You provide must be truthful and accurate. The information that You supply during registration process may be corrected during the registration process by going back to the previous screens and correcting the wrong information. You are advised to regularly review and update all information in order to maintain its accuracy.

The User will gain access to the applicable and available Services and Content using her/his credentials. Any use of the Platform using her/his user credentials will be considered to have been done by the Member her/himself.

You shall not impersonate another person or entity, or forge Your identity to access this Platform, except as expressly required for purpose of the Services. You shall not authorize third parties to use Your account, nor assign nor in any way transfer Your account to any other individual person or entity.

You agree to keep Your account information secure and confidential and to never allow another person or entity to access Your account or profile using Your username or password at any time, otherwise You may be held liable for the losses incurred by Xianti - RAMP or any other users or visitors to this Platform. You are advised to immediately inform the Xianti - RAMP team if You lose/forgot, disclose Your password or found any fraudulent or unauthorized use of Your account.

Xianti - RAMP will not be liable for any errors, omissions, inaccuracies arising from the information You have provided, nor for any damage that may result for You, for other Users or third parties from the same.

The User agrees to maintain the security and secrecy of her/his credentials at all times and is responsible for the use of the Platform and for all the actions carried out on the Platform with her/his user credentials and his/her password, unless her/his account is used after it has been closed, or after notification to Xianti - RAMP team of an abusive use of her/his account. The User is sole responsible for the use made of his/her account by a third party where Users have not expressly notified Xianti - RAMP team of the loss, fraudulent use or disclosure of her/his password and other account details to a third party.

By using and registering on the Platform, and agreeing to the Contract, You agree therefore to comply with the laws applicable where You use the Services and accessing and using the Contents, and You may use the Services only for legal purposes. Xianti - RAMP reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend, or terminate Your access to the Platform and/or any Services, if You are breaching such TOU.

For the avoidance of doubt, any services of third party service platform is independent from Xianti - RAMP control and responsibility, and are subject to terms and conditions of such third party service provider.


Members may provide comments on publications on the Platform either on the Platform and/or any other media, such as social networks used to communicate and/or exchange on the Challenges.

The Xianti - RAMP forum and other group discussions on identified third party service platform are open to all Members who will have read and write access depending on available Services, and for exchanges and discussions on third party service provider platforms, subject to agreement on the terms and conditions of such third party service provider.

Members may participate in (i) the Forum made available on the Platform by creating an account on their Personal Center and signing up to the Forum and/or, where available, and (ii) any other group discussions on third party service provider platforms by registering with such third party services platforms. For such purpose, Members shall acknowledge, accept and respect the basic rules of courtesy and the legislation in force as well as the Ethical Behavior and code of conducts rules as set forth in Article 6 of these TOU; and for group discussions on third party service provider platform, Members shall read, acknowledge, and accept applicable third party service provider terms and conditions including their privacy terms.

You understand, acknowledge, and accept that other Members may view, read and respond to the messages of other Members posted on the comments space, forum, Team group messaging, other messaging systems, and/or any public other discussion areas on the Platform and/or third party service provider platforms. For any personal correspondence please use Your personal contact details directly and not the Platform and its Services.

Xianti - RAMP reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to reject or remove Your post, and messages or other Content, or ask the same from third party service providers, if You are found to be violating the TOU as per Article 6.


Exchanges and posting of Contents on the Platform are moderated a posteriori, i.e., no message or Content will be read by Xianti - RAMP team before its publication. Messages, Comments, and Content are therefore published immediately, but are subject to control by the moderation team and the administrators of our Platform, after publication by the Members.

The role of the moderation team and the administrators is to ensure the proper functioning of the forum, by rejecting any posts, messages or Contents that, by their unworthy character, detrimental to persons, destructive, or obviously off-topic, harm exchanges and image of the Platform. The Xianti - RAMP moderators and administrators also exclude all messages and Content contrary to the laws in force and communicated Ethical Rules and Code of Conduct.

Exchanges and postings of Contents on third party service platforms are subject to compliance with their applicable ethical rules and policy, including their applicable monitoring and moderation rules and processes.

The following are thus likely to be moderated and eventually rejected (non-exhaustive list):

  • messages or other Content of a racist, xenophobic, hateful, harmful, homophobic, sexist, or defamatory nature, or pointing to or referring to messages or content of similar nature;
  • messages or other Content including infringing materials (copyrights, trademark, or other intellectual property rights), or pointing to or referring to messages or content of similar nature;
  • obscene, pornographic, or harassing messages or Content;
  • messages or other Content containing specific contact information such as telephone number, mailing address, whose origin and accuracy are unverifiable by the moderators or could result in harm to individuals;
  • messages published in multiple copies;
  • off-topic or controversial messages or Content;
  • messages in abbreviated language or that are too loosely spelled messages written entirely in uppercase.
Users shall not collect information about other Users in order to send them unsolicited messages and/or to integrate them into a referencing service or equivalent, whether free of charge or for a fee.

Xianti - RAMP reserves the right to remove or, where made on a third party service platform, request from such third party service provider to remove any illegal Content or Content that does not comply with the Contract that has been previously identified by Xianti - RAMP team or reported by any other User, or any third party such as third party service provider.

In case of non-compliance with those rules and guidance, the Xianti - RAMP team may take certain sanctions against the concerned Users. The highest sanction is a ban and consists of completely blocking a User's access to the Platform, the Services and/or Content or some part thereof, and where applicable on the group discussion on the third party service provider.

Any User may contact the Xianti - RAMP team and/or, where applicable, the third party service dedicated contact,to identify any such message or Content.

Such User should
  • declare her/his identity,
  • describe the alleged Content with related details including its location on our Platform,
  • give the factual and legal grounds for such report,
  • provide copy of previous exchanges with the author of this Content to request its modification or withdrawal and/or the justification that You were not in capacity to contact such alleged author, and
  • follow conditions applicable to the access and use of the third party service provider published by such third party service provider.
Any manifestly abusive report may be subject to recourses and sanctions, including suspension or termination of the registration and Membership.


7.1 Xianti - RAMP Content and IPR

Xianti - RAMP or its licensors own and retain all rights, including all applicable intellectual property rights, in all Content. All Contents published or made available on and or from this Platform are protected by copyright laws (droit d'auteur), and/or subject to other intellectual property rights of Xianti - RAMP or its applicable rights holders, unless otherwise stated.

Without prior written consent of Xianti - RAMP or other related parties, Users shall in no event reproduce, extract, make excerpt, modify, promote, distribute, photocopy, played, disassemble, reverse engineer, decompile, link, or transmit with hyperlinks, load into other Platforms or servers, in "mirroring method", or any sharing methods (including but not limited to peer to peer or torrent solutions), store in information retrieval system, or otherwise use for any other purpose, by any means, any of the Content published or otherwise made available on or from the Platform.

Unless You have obtained relevant license through other agreement entered between You and Sүmеrіо, nothing in this TOU grants any right or license to Software Content to You, and You shall not
  • reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, split, adapt, implant, or implement other derivative works on the Software Content,
  • research the internal implementation of Xianti products, obtain product source code, or steal intellectual property rights in any manner, and/or
  • disclose results of any benchmark tests.
The Content made available on the Platform shall be used only for the purpose of benefiting from the Services and participating in the RAMP Challenge(s). The User shall read, acknowledge, and accept the license terms applicable to such Content before accessing and using them, and strictly comply with the terms of use applicable to such Content. In particular, the User who wishes to reproduce all or part of a Content must imperatively check to have such rights according to its access and use rights applicable to her/his subscription. By default the rights granted is a read right only. Any re-sale, exchange, rental of files, or transfer to a third party is strictly prohibited.

All domain names, trademarks, and logos displayed, mentioned or otherwise used in this Platform are property of Xianti - RAMP or its licensors as stated if applicable. You are not permitted to use any of these trademarks or logos in any way without explicit prior written permission from Xianti - RAMP or the owners of related rights as applicable.

Although Xianti - RAMP has attempted to provide accurate information on this Platform, it assumes no obligation or responsibility whatsoever regarding the accuracy and completeness of the information. To the full extent permitted by applicable Xianti - RAMP assumes no responsibility for information, news, and items inserted on this Platform from third party/parties. As host of this information and/or Content put online by the User via our Platform, Xianti - RAMP is subject to reduced liability status under articles 6.I.2 and following of the law nº2004-575 of 21 June 2004 for Confidence in the Digital Economy (modified by "la LOI n° 2020-766 du 24 juin 2020 visant à lutter contre les contenus haineux sur internet). Xianti - RAMP may change the Contents available on this Platform mentioned at any time and without notice.

7.2 IPR of contributions and content provided by Members

The Contributions You will submit and summitted by other Users on the Platform to a RAMP Challenge are submitted under BSD 3 clauses license terms.

Any other Content, such as comments, messages, articles, publications, including video, posted and contributed by any Member to the Platform, where permitted, either on the forum, or by in-messaging systems, or as part of other Member status related Services, shall be provided and made available to Xianti - RAMP for free, without any royalty, on a non-exclusive, worldwide non-revocable basis, for the protection applicable to such provided Content, for purpose of storing, correction, adaptation, modification (e.g., to adapt to format suitable for the publication), reproduction, representation, broadcasting, publication and electronic distribution or any other dissemination, on or through the Platform and its media-library as part of the operation of the Platform and the Services, except as expressly otherwise agreed with Xianti - RAMP in writing under separate express agreement.

The aforementioned Members guarantee Sүmеrіо that they have necessary rights, including intellectual property rights and personality rights (such as, in particular, the copyrights, and right to individual "image") necessary for the use of the Content they provide or otherwise make available through or from the Platform, and do not infringe or otherwise misappropriate the rights of third parties and do not breach the laws in force, and in particular the provisions relating to defamation, insult, privacy, image rights. Any contributing Member shall then guarantee Xianti - RAMP against any possible recourse by a third party concerning the use and publication of such Content as part of the Platform and the Services.


Any unauthorized access or use of the Contents and other contributions of Participants, their intellectual property rights, domain names, logos, and trademarks are subject to the civil and/or criminal liability of its author and may lead to legal proceedings against them.

Any User may contact the Xianti - RAMP team to identify any such infringement of or by any Content.


Although links to third party Platforms, forums, blogs, pages, or other servers ("Websites"), may be posted and displayed on this Platform for Your convenience, Xianti - RAMP shall not bear any responsibility for any content of any such Websites. You might need to review and agree to applicable rules of use when using such Websites and their content. In addition, a link to a third-party Website or to its content does not imply that Xianti - RAMP endorses such Website or its publication, messages, contents, or any of the products or services referenced therein.

Any communication services from third party service providers used by Xianti RAMP, are independent from Xianti RAMP control and responsibility, and are subject to terms and conditions of such third party service provider that Users shall read, acknowledge, and accept if they wish to use such other services.


The Xianti - RAMP Privacy Policy including Cookies Notice published hereunder is applicable to the use of Personal Data on or through this Platform. Such Policy may be accessed here.

By using this Platform and its Services or Content, and registering as Member and then Participant, You agree on the related Privacy Policy and Cookies Notice.

Any use of communication services from third party service providers are independent from Xianti RAMP control and responsibility, and are subject to terms and conditions and privacy terms of such third party service provider that Users shall read, acknowledge and accept if they wish to use such other services.


The Users may be filmed or photographed during an event. By joining and attending online events of the Platform and in particular at a RAMP Challenge event and/or by providing Your picture or image via video conference systems, You agree to the use and the distribution of Your image by the organizers, including for promotional events occurring after the RAMP Challenge events. The production and distribution of films and photographs of the event will not lead to any compensation of the participants.

Xianti - RAMP shall be authorized to use photos of You free of charge for internal purposes of documenting the RAMP Challenge events and related activities including promotional activities therefore, for an unlimited time period, without any restrictions of mode of use (online and offline use is included), in the EU and outside of the EU, as specified in the Xianti - Ramp Privacy Notice.

Users hereby agree and commit to sign any required documents to confirm such authorization, in particular for any events such as a RAMP Challenge award ceremony.


Xianti - RAMP will make reasonable efforts to ensure the good operation of the Platform, and ensure the proper functioning of the Platform and its accessibility, but Xianti - RAMP shall only have a limited obligation of means ("obligation de moyen") regarding the continuity of access to the Platform, Contents, and the Services.

In no way Xianti - RAMP warrants that the functions of the Platform will be uninterrupted, error-free, free of viruses and the like, whether this concerns the present Platform, or any other site or the Services, and the Content provided or made available. To avoid inconveniences as much as possible, Xianti - RAMP advises Members/Participants to make backups to the extent possible and allowed.

Users are sole responsible for their internet network connection and the costs incurred in connecting to that network or use of equipment. Users are responsible for ensuring that the technical characteristics of the equipment they use allow them to access the Service(s) and/or Contents, in particular with regard to the transmission of data, documents or other Contents such as the Contributions, over the internet, and to take any measures appropriate to protect against any malware infections.

Xianti - RAMP can in no way be held responsible for any errors, omissions, inaccuracies arising from information provided or made available by any User, nor for any damage that may result for other Users or third parties. Xianti - RAMP may, in this context, delete information and/or manifestly illicit content that is notified.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Xianti - RAMP in any other specific contract, to the extent permitted by the applicable law, Xianti - RAMP and any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, agents, employees, or other representatives shall not be liable for the materials, data or information, or services available from this Platform, regardless of the reason of the liability or the civil liability it relates to. Xianti - RAMP may only be held liable in the event of proven fault or negligence and this will be limited to any direct damage suffered by the User and in any event, where Xianti - RAMP is determined as being liable, its maximum aggregate liability under or in connection with this Contract, and/or the performance of the Services, on all grounds combined, shall be limited as a whole and for all grounds to the total amount paid by the User for the portion of the Service which is concerned if any. As host of the information and/or Contents put online by the Users via our Platform, Xianti - RAMP is subject to reduced liability status under articles 6.I.2 and following of the law nº2004-575 of 21 June 2004 for Confidence in the Digital Economy (modified by "la LOI n° 2020-766 du 24 juin 2020 visant à lutter contre les Contenus.

In any case, neither Xianti - RAMP nor any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, agents, employees, or other representatives shall be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive, and/or exemplary damages including without limitation, loss of profits or revenues, loss of data, loss of opportunity, loss of business, and/or damage to image or reputation, in connection with this Platform, its Content, or the use of or inability to use this Platform, or its Content, reliance on the Contents contained herein, or difficulties inherent to the functioning of the Internet network and more generally of the telecommunication networks, whatever their nature, due to a third party or a case of force majeure, even if Xianti - RAMP is advised of the possibility of such damages.


Xianti - RAMP may modify these TOU and/or Challenge Rules. If changes are made, a notification will be sent to You by email or via the Platform to allow You to review the changes before they take effect.

If You continue to use the Platform Services after we post or send notice of changes to these terms and conditions, to the full extent permitted by applicable laws You will be deemed to accept such changes. The TOU and/or Challenge Rules that will be binding on You will be those in effect at the time You use the Platform Services and Contents, and You participate in the RAMP Challenge of concern.


13.1 By User

Users may unsubscribe from our Platform, at any time using the procedure made available in the Newsletter, or at their Personal Center, or by contacting us by email at contact address.

Such termination will result in the termination of the TOU and access of the Services and Contents. Such termination will be effective within thirty (30) business days of Xianti - RAMP receiving the request to unsubscribe or deregister.

Such request for termination will result in the deletion of Your Personal Data from our databases subject to retention policies under the Privacy Policy and applicable laws & regulations.

Members may unsubscribe from a Competition, as described in the Challenge Rules, subject to rules related to Teams.

13.2. By Xianti - RAMP

If a request to register for our services is not made in compliance with the terms of the TOU, Xianti - RAMP team reserves the right to postpone or reject such registration.

When we notice that a User, a Member of the Platform does not comply with the Contract or any part thereof, we will contact him/her to warn him/her that a sanction may be taken. Sanction may include temporary suspension of the account. Should the breach not be cured or could not be cured, we will be obliged to further suspend or cancel permanent access to all or part of the Services, and/or Content. Xianti - RAMP team will contact You beforehand by email to inform You of any sanction.

13.3. Effect

Termination shall not affect the retention of copy of any Content submitted as contribution in course of a Competition. Any personal Data will be anonymized if a Participant requires to have his/her Personal Data to be removed.


The Contract and any contractual and non-contractual disputes in connection with them shall be governed by, construed, and take effect in accordance with French law, without reference to conflict of laws rules. Any dispute arising out of or in relation to the Contract shall be brought to an amicable settlement.

In case of failure to reach an amicable settlement, to the full extent permitted by applicable laws, the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts sitting in Nanterre, France, to decide and settle any claim, dispute or matters arising out of or in connection with the Contract or established by them (whether on a contractual or non-contractual ground).

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